The 39 Steps set was a dynamic one, designed and built to constantly transform. Certain set pieces were designed to work inside and out of the "old theater" set. The scaffolding acted as both rolling scaffolding and as a bridge.

  Almost everything rolled, including this aluminum window frame. The window frame and a couple free standing ladders provided me with an opportunity to learn aluminum TIG welding. They had to be light weight in order for the actors to hurry them on and off stage. The strength of the aluminum allowed the actors to climb and play at will.

  The opera boxes involved some plywood ribbing and some seriously wrapped 1/4 inch luan.

  This little fireplace turned out to be one of my favorite pieces. I thoroughly enjoyed all the detail work. I mounted and rigged up two fans for the fake red and orange fabric fire effect that wowed and amazed the audience.

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Justin Roberts 2012