Divisions is a full scale interactive section of the Berlin wall. The object was designed and built for a public event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall on November 9th, 2009. It stands just over 11 feet tall and stretches 4 feet wide. The center of the wall has been cut out and replaced with a rear projection screen. On this surface lies the basis of interaction with the object. Upon first meeting the wall, one is presented with a projected digital veneer disguised as the sculptural object. On a pedestal a few yards in front of the wall sets a wii remote with simple instructions, “shake it and break it.” With a vigorous swing of the wii remote the user blasts through the digital veneer and reveals video footage from the time of its fall. What is revealed is a cycling archive of home video footage and other documents from the fall of the wall. Participants and others gathering around the object view the freedom of movement enacted by the walls destruction through video of German’s traveling by bike, bus, train, and automobile across the east/west Berlin border. In effect the user’s physical transmission of force both connects them to the wall’s destructive action and liberates the piece in the same strike.

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Justin Roberts 2012