Justin Roberts is an artist and maker currently living in Athens, GA. He recieved his BA in playwriting from Western Michigan University's Creative Writing Department, and recently finished his MFA in Dramatic Media at the University of Georgia Department of Theatre and Film Studies with a focus in interactive media in performance art. As a graduate assistant at UGA, he worked as a technician in several interactive multimedia theatre productions. His work in these productions included: live video streaming, e-textiles, max/msp interactive workflows, projection mapping, and videography. He has also developed projects with the department's Vicon motion capture system, Samsung video wall, green screen facilities, microcontrollers and electronic sensors. Upon graduation he was hired on as the department's Assistant Technical Director for the 2011/2012 season. As Assistant Technical Director he was responsible for a large part of the department's building and technical responsibilities, including the supervision and management of several student employees. He plans to continue working in theatre while actively persuing new opportunities for interactive installations, performance art and their intersections.

Justin Roberts 2012