Boybutante was my first go at independent set design and construction. Athens' Boybutante AIDS Foundation Inc. commissioned me to design and build the set for for thier 22nd annual drag ball fundraiser at the 40 Watt Club. The theme was Honky Tonk Ho Down...yee haw!

Boybutante AIDS Foundation Inc. website

  Not all set work is pretty, but these bomber hinged swinging saloon door lips were fabulous. Upholstered in satin fabric and studded up with rhinestones, these kissers added flair to every entrance and exit.

  Slit drapes, American flag lanterns, hay bales, bunting, a saw horse and saddle complete the deal.

  The big barn trusses just barely fit on stage. Just so you know, the 40 Watt's stage height specs were a little off (about a foot, no big deal).

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Justin Roberts 2012