Die Fledermaus was a collaboration between the UGA Theatre Department, the Hugh Hodgson School of Music and Jill Biskin, a scenic artist who worked with the Metropolitan Opera for 10 years. I helped with a little of everything, but I was primarily responsible for the construction of the "birdcage" atrium and the spiral staircase.

  The birdcage was composed of 3/4 ply ribs all cut to a specific template curvature. The crown was designed to detach and fly out so that the atrium could be turned around and used as a jail sell in a later scene.

  For the spiral staircase I used mostly 1" square steel tube and expanded steel. The steps were all tied in to a 6" diameter piece of schedule 10 pipe (almost crushed me a couple of times). I bent 1/8" strap for the hand rail, and carved out foam for the railing bulk. The detail was cast iron and luan.

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Justin Roberts 2012