The design for Hamlet involved two basic elements. The first and most used element was the three level steel network of scaffolding. The other was a series of platforms covering the orchestra pit. Since I was the only welder on staff, I was given the duty of welding the entire structure by myself while the rest of the crew built the decks.

  I used a simple wooden jig to uniformly weld the ladder sections. All pieces were mounted to the floor with lag screws. The scaffolding decks were 3/4 ply, and the bridge deck was expanded steel.

  The majority of the parts were welded in the shop with our Millermatic 210 MIG welder. We were able to bring the welder to the Fine Arts Theater to assemble the parts the back stage area.

  The watch tower portion was the most difficult to put in place. It maxed out at 21 ft and required that I used our stick welder with an extra long lead. The railing, with the exception of the bridge section, was all cut and welded in the theater.

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Justin Roberts 2012