OCTOBER 31, 2012

  I built this motorized colorwheel for use in Ray Burg's Eyegate light shows. We used it for an Olivia Tremor Control show at the Georgia Theatre on July 26, 2012, which was unfortunately their last. We also used it for a Halloween at the 40 Watt Club. I used an programmed an Arduino UNO microcontroller and a motor shield, CNC routed the wheel, and rigged it up to a gearhead motor. With a push of a button it advances the colorwheel one color, when held down it continues to spin.

APRIL 20, 2012

  One of the wall sconces designed and built for artist Justine Steven's exhibition at the Athens Institute for Contemporary Art. The installation mounts were cut out on a ShopBot CNC router, and each sconce snaps tightly into the perfectly fitted wall mounts for easy seamless installation.

Justine Stevens' website

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